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Currently available in the U.S. only.
More regions coming soon.

The CDC recommends “universal use of face masks in indoor (non-household) settings” to prevent transmission of COVID-19.  However, until now, there has been no reliable data on mask compliance, as most sources are self-reported, likely biased, and inaccurate.

RealNetworks® has developed MaskCheck™ to encourage people to wear masks in public spaces and help gather real-time, accurate behavioral face mask compliance data which can be used to help communities re-open faster and safely.

What is MaskCheck?

MaskCheck powered by SAFR® from RealNetworks is a free face mask compliance app, service and data platform, available for iOS and Android devices.

MaskCheck from SAFR


  • Encourages proper wearing of face masks in public spaces
  • Provides a safer environment for staff and customers
  • Helps gather real-time, accurate behavioral face mask compliance data
  • Provides statistics to policy makers and public health departments to make data-informed decisions to re-open safely
Good to Go

Detects presence or absence of a face mask


Results in less than 1 second


Detects if a mask is worn improperly


Supports custom audio and visual responses

SMS alerts

Send SMS alerts to an admin when an unmasked face is detected


No face recognition

MaskCheck is composed of:

An app for iOS and Android devices

The free, easy to install app uses artificial intelligence to assess face mask compliance, encourages proper usage, and reports aggregated and non-personally identifiable information (non-PII) based mask compliance data. It detects faces as people walk past the tablet’s camera, and determines if they are wearing a mask (properly) or not. It provides visual feedback to encourage compliance. No interaction is required, and no images or PII are collected or saved.


A public health data repository service

The back-end infrastructure aggregates anonymous data submitted by a growing network of MaskCheck enabled devices and/or closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems. The data includes compliance based on geographic location, classification of location, and non PII-based demographic information.

A visualization map and data platform

The frequently updated mask compliance data feed can be used by any and all concerned parties under a free creative commons license, accessed via APIs by anyone in the world. This dynamic dataset is also visually represented via live dashboards in our MaskCheck Map at: Its content will continue to grow in tandem with MaskCheck deployment.

What data is collected by MaskCheck?

MaskCheck data example (for illustration only not actual data)
  • Date, time and location
  • Total number of persons detected
  • Number of persons detected wearing a mask
  • Number of persons detected wearing a mask properly
  • Number of persons detected without a mask
  • Estimated age (user option)
  • Estimated gender (user option)
  • Image (user option, off by default)
  • MaskCheck does NOT collect facial images or PII data

How MaskCheck works

MaskCheck determines if a person is wearing a mask when they enter a business or other public space.

  1. Download the free MaskCheck app
  2. Create a free MaskCheck account
  3. Choose audio and visual responses, and name the device location
  4. Set up your MaskCheck-enabled device* at your desired location and begin screening.
  5. Make sure to position your device at any location where people will pass one at a time

When a person steps in front of the screen, MaskCheck determines if they are wearing an appropriate protective face covering, and a visual — and optional audio — response will be triggered:

“Thanks for wearing a mask, come on in!”

“Please put on a face mask, we require masks to enter.”

*Detailed instructions can be found in the Setup Guide.


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MaskCheck is immediately available as a free App for Apple and Android devices in the Apple iOS App and Google Play stores. Download it now! 

Currently available in the U.S. only. More regions coming soon.

See our Setup Guide for recommended tablet devices

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