MaskCheck DIY Device Setup Guide

MaskCheck™ is a free face mask compliance app, service and data platform that helps communities and businesses safely reopen and operate by encouraging and assessing face mask compliance in any location while also helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19. The below guide will help you choose a preferred device + stand, and lead you through set-up, if you’re prefer to do-it-yourself, instead of getting a MaskCheck Kiosk.

What you will need if you DIY your own stand for MaskCheck.

Tablet (choice of):

  • iPad Gen 3 or later
  • Samsung Galaxy S5e or S6 (for front camera use case)
  • Google Pixel 4 (preferred for back camera)

Tablet Tabletop Holder OR Floor Stand (available at Amazon, Best Buy, etc.)* such as: 

MaskCheck - Example tabletop kiosk

Example tabletop kiosk

MaskCheck - Example kiosk

Example floor stand

*Disclaimer: Links to purchase these devices are provided solely for your information and convenience. RealNetworks does not profit from their purchase.

NOTE: If you are setting up MaskCheck in a school or large retail business, depending on its size, we recommend approximately 5 dedicated tablet devices (iPad or Samsung), along with the same number of floor stands, placed in commonly used public areas and entrances.

Initial Tablet Setup and Installation Notes



First Run

  1. Open the MaskCheck application from the tablet’s home screen
    1. Android tip: Swipe up from the bottom to open Apps menu
    2. Android tip: From the Apps menu, press and hold the MaskCheck app and drag it to the home screen
  2. When prompted, click “Sign up for free” and enter your email and password
    1. Tip: If you already have a MaskCheck by SAFR account, click “Log in” in lower right
  3. Go to your email and click the link to confirm your email address
  4. During startup, and check the permissions boxes to approve the options to: share mask data, record video, and access location. These are important to enable the proper function of the MaskCheck app.

MaskCheck should launch and report the status of subjects in the view of the camera.

Configure MaskCheck App to your preferences

  1. Open MaskCheck app
  2. Go to MaskCheck Settings menu in the upper left corner
  3. Under “General”, change “Camera Direction” to “Back” if you are going to use MaskCheck by SAFR in “passive” or “observation” mode.
    1. Tip: Leave in “Front” mode if you will use the tablet as a self-serve kiosk.
  4. To change the operating distance, go to the “Kiosk Operation” section:
    1. The zoom setting increases the operational range further.
    2. Operating at longer distances enables face(s) to remain in the view longer and thus be more successful in completing the measurement.
    3. Example 1: To get measurements at distances of 6′ from the tablet, use the back camera and set “Approach Detection Distance” to 25% and “Zoom for extended range” to 1.5x
    4. Example 2: To get measurements at distances of 12′ from the tablet, use the back camera and set “Approach Detection Distance” to 75% and “Zoom for extended range” to 2x
    5. Example 3: To capture multiple faces and get measurements at a distance of 16′ from the tablet, use the “Long Range Kiosk” Setting. This can be modified from One to Eight at a time from 16′ at 1x Zoom (or extending up to 6x Zoom).
  5. You can disable sound alerts in the “General” settings:
    1. “Sound Configuration” > “Enable Sounds” set to Off. if running in “passive” or “observation” mode
  6. You can disable voice alerts in the “General” settings:
    1.  “Voice Configuration” > “Enable Voice” set to Off, if running in “passive” or “observation” mode
  7. In the “Reporting” section, you can click on “SMS Notifications” and enter a US phone number to be notified for persons without a mask.
  8. Further down in the “Reporting” settings, Age and Gender estimates can be turned off based on your preference.
  9. Finally, please customize the Location Label to label your site appropriately with your exact location name: “ABC city Library” or “Café xyz” or “Langley HS gym”.
  10. To confirm all preferences: Press Back (Android) or Done (iOS).

Positioning the Tablet

  • Place the tablet + stand in a high traffic location where individuals will be about 3-5 feet away.
  • If placing further away, see #3 in the Configure MaskCheck by SAFR section above.
  • Ideally, the tablet should be in a location and angled so that subjects are directly facing the tablet and only a single person is centered in the view. MaskCheck will still be able to identify small groups of 2-4 people in the view if this can’t be avoided.
  • Make sure that there is sufficient ambient light in the room and that background glare is not saturating the image.
  • Once set up, validate that the app is correctly detecting faces (circle around them) in the field of view.

If you have any issues, or need additional assistance, please contact