MaskCheck Kiosk

MaskCheck Kiosk, powered by SAFR, is the low-impact tool to remind people that wearing a mask keeps us safer.

With the rise of the Delta variant, it is important that everyone, vaccinated and non-vaccinated, wear a mask to stop the spread of COVID-19. But ensuring and monitoring mask usage can be challenging.

MaskCheck Kiosk, installed in high traffic areas indoors, is the complete solution to keep your business or office safer by automatically and autonomously monitoring and encouraging mask usage.


NOTE: For US and Canada only.

MaskCheck Kiosk

Provides a safer environment for employees and customers to continue to get back to normal faster.

Displays instant notifications of mask compliance to encourage indoor mask usage.

Gives visual and audio prompts: “Please put on a mask.” “Please adjust mask.” “Good to go.“

Enables workplaces to implement mask mandates and company health policies in a clear, authoritative way.

Stays private and does not perform any facial recognition or share data outside your business.

Works fully autonomously when connected to WIFI and with no A/C outlet needed; battery power will work for 3 days before recharging.



Features in-app reporting that allows you to view mask wearing data at each Kiosk location. ​Optionally contribute and view nation-wide compliance data in the MaskCheck Map.

Durable kiosk designed after extensive testing.

Fully assembled and ready to use in 5 minutes: Just screw on the base, set-up your account and you’re ready to go!

Fully-functional iPad included. Once it’s time to put away or temporarily store your MaskCheck Kiosk, take out the fully-functioning iPad and use it for other purposes.

Made in USA. Designed and manufactured in the Pacific Northwest.

30-day return, one year warranty

You can easily begin using MaskCheck with just one Kiosk!*

Our Setup Guide will help you get up and running.

 *Depending on the size of your establishment, you may want more!

See Testimonials & Use Cases for reasons to get MaskCheck Kiosk

MaskCheck Kiosk

Product Details

MaskCheck Kiosk components: iPad 8 pre-installed with MaskCheck app; External battery with power display; Lightning cord to connect iPad to battery; Power cord and charger to plug in battery; Autonomous, heavy-weight metal stand with lock loop at base to secure with your own cable; Allen wrench kit to lock iPad and battery into place; Set-up Guide.

WIFI is required. The MaskCheck Kiosk must be connected to WIFI to work.

Dimensions: Kiosk is 49″ high. Tablet case is 12″ wide. Depth: 5″. Diameter of base is 13″. Weight: 27 lbs.

Post-COVID value: MaskCheck Kiosk is designed with post-COVID value once the pandemic is over. It can be repurposed as a customer kiosk with other apps; brought back out and placed in position to monitor masks during cold and flu season; and/or its fully-functioning iPad can be removed and used separately

NOTE: MaskCheck Kiosk is available for purchase and usage in the US and Canada ONLY at this time

MaskCheck can also be customized for integration and use in CCTV applications. If you are interested in custom CCTV integration or have any questions about MaskCheck, please contact

Let’s work together to promote behaviors that help reduce the spread and lead to a safer environment for everyone in 2021.

Have questions about reopening your business safely with MaskCheck? Let us help you!