Testimonials & Use Cases


“MaskCheck helps promote a safer school environment. Whether checking-in visitors, reminding faculty and staff at building entry points, or determining mask compliance in crowded hallways, we now have an easy-to-use system in place. We’ve installed multiple MaskCheck kiosks throughout campus and these provide us with the data that confirms face coverings are being worn and, most importantly, worn properly.”

– Michael Miller, Facilities Manager at The Bush School (Seattle, WA)

Dr. Abram discusses The Bush School’s use of MaskCheck in this KIRO 7 News (CBS / COX Media Seattle) interview: How a Seattle school can keep tabs on students without face masks

“We’ve had a MaskCheck kiosk installed at the entrance to our store in downtown Washington DC for over a month now. And though DC residents are pretty good about wearing masks, the MaskCheck app is a cool and engaging interactive reminder to our customers to wear face masks properly, and we feel good that our data gets shared with DC’s Health Department to help them analyze mask compliance.”

– Sid Dilawri, Owner of Modern Liquors and Master Distiller of Filibuster Distillery

“Keep your masks on! We’ve just installed the MaskCheck app on a kiosk at our front entrance as another important step towards keeping our restaurant team healthy and our guests safe when they are dining outdoors at Meesha 127, or picking up takeout food. We’re all in this together; the simple gesture of wearing a mask protects you as well as the people around you, and the greater amount of mask compliance data that restaurants are able to prove, also helps our community reopen faster and safer.”

– Preeti Agarwal, chef and owner, Meesha 127 (Seattle, WA)

Use Cases for MaskCheck

  • Municipalities
  • Public Transportation
  • Schools
  • Private Businesses (offices, stores, banks, restaurants)
  • (Indoor) Sporting Events
  • In-person Conferences at Convention Centers, Hotels
  • Homeless shelters, etc.

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MaskCheck Kiosk

MaskCheck Kiosk

MaskCheck Kiosk is the complete low-impact solution to keep your business or office safer by automatically and autonomously encouraging and monitoring indoor mask compliance.

MaskCheck App

MaskCheck is immediately available as a free App for Apple and Android devices in the Apple iOS App and Google Play stores. Download it now! 

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MaskCheck can also be customized for integration and use in municipal CCTV applications. If you are interested in custom CCTV integration, please contact maskcheck-support@realnetworks.com.

Reasons to use MaskCheck

MaskCheck provides a unique behavioral data platform for:

Policymakers and public health officials who can now take advantage of reliable data as more state governors enact mask mandates

  • Develop an understanding of usage and enforcement with real-time data through dashboards and APIs
  • Inform decisions for actions and resource deployment such as PPE or education efforts where they will be most impactful and needed
  • Augment spread prediction models with behavioral, real-time and location based data
  • Share the data with the public to encourage reopening where compliance is high

Employers and business owners who can provide safer workplaces for employees and customers:

  • Create a more engaging way to encourage mask usage in the workplace and retail spaces than posters or in-person greeters.
  • Improve the safety and physical well-being of employees without compromising business operations.
  • Share compliance data with employees and customers to encourage engagement and patronage

The general public who can get access to better information and make informed decisions

  • Keep up to date with local community alerts along with risk indicators, to be able to make smarter, safer decisions regarding which areas or businesses to avoid.